Virus & Malware/Spyware Removal Service

Our Virus and Malware/Spyware Removal Service provides you with the ease of knowing that we use the most up to date removal utilities offered in the industry to remove the various infections that are caused by unknown Trojan files and 3rd party apps that stream them into your system.

Included in this service are the following:

  • > Clean temporary files from user profile and windows temp folders
  • > Clear temporary internet files and cookies from all browsers
  • > Scan for and remove malware/spyware using Malwarebytes & Adware Cleaner
  • > Quick scan for and remove other Trojan files using Norton Internet Security
  • > Remove potentially unwanted programs (PUP’s) from the installed programs list in control panel
  • > Check and adjust windows startup program & services settings, if needed
  • > Verify and adjust virtual memory settings for optimal performance, if needed

This service can be performed onsite or via our remote support options. Scan and removal times will vary based on computer CPU speed and total files to be scanned.

NOTE: Based on past performance with this service, the process to completely restore your system can take 2-6 hours total depending on how severe the infections are and number of apps to be removed. In some cases, a reformat and reinstallation of the windows operating system is necessary to completely remove all infections found.


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