Promotions to save you $$$$$

With our standard low-cost services in place, we still strive to provide promotions to our clients with specials that help you save even more $$$ to do business with us.

Current promotion started March 15, 2015 and ends 11:59pm on March 31, 2015.

As you might already know, we have recently partnered with a company that provides services in telecommunications, energy, home security and television. This promotion will allow you to save money on your requested service, PLUS help you to reduce your current billing on essential services you already pay for every month. As of 3/15/15, we have helped 13 customers to reduce their existing bills for essential services.

If you elect to try our services for at least 1 year, we will give back immediate credit amounts for the following on our computer services that you have requested or any outstanding balance owed on your account with Brite Technologies:

– Digital Phone Service – $40 OFF (PER LINE) **
– Local & Long Distance Phone service – $40 OFF (PER LINE)
– Wireless Cellphone Service – $40 OFF (PER LINE) **
– Energy Service – $80 OFF (PER ACCOUNT/LOCATION) ***
– Security & Automation Service – $40 OFF (PER LOCATION) ****
– Television & Internet Bundle Service – $40 OFF (PER LOCATION) ****
– Merchant Services – $80 OFF (PER LOCATION) ****

** Might require initial payment upon ordering service with our partner affiliate.
*** NO COST TO ENROLL!!! Not available from all energy distributors. Within Metro Washington DC & Baltimore areas, we offer services on Pepco, Washington Gas & BG & E.
**** Requires a customer service representative to take your order by phone. Installation fees might apply by the provider at time of onsite setup.

NOTE: Services above are not provided for or billed directly by Brite Technologies LLC, but are done so by the affiliate partner that provides the services. Affiliate services must be acquired by the client prior to discount on requested computer services are given. Promotion discounts listed are to be given up to the amount of computer services requested and performed and may not to be combined with other discounts offered that are not on this page. However, you may combine the new service discounts and receive the amounts for each service listed. This promotion is available to all existing and new clients until the expiration date given above. Please call us at 1-877-577-2848 and press option 3 to speak with one of our representatives regarding this promotion and to get you started with the process to receive your discount.

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