My ACN success story happens to be just as unique as each of the other tens of thousands of IBO’s out here in ACN. I’m sure yours will be too when you reveal it to us all. 🙂 I am writing this after my first 90 days of experiencing the ACN opportunity to date (3/7/15). However, my story extends over a life of 18 years as and entrepreneur.

I was introduced to the ACN opportunity just before Thanksgiving in November 2014 by “Deangela Williams”, one of my long time customers that we’ve performed her computer support since 1998. She contacted me by phone the Saturday evening before Thanksgiving asking me if I would become her energy customer in her newly launched home-based business. After a short conversation, she and I went back and forth and I was unable to satisfy helping her with being a customer. But, then she asked me if I would like to have an opportunity to earn some additional income. That was a no-brainer for me, if the solution and the price is right. 🙂

After viewing a short video on her website, I then arranged to meet with her mentor “Felicia Jackson-Smith”, a Regional Director (RD) in ACN, the following Saturday to discuss what is needed to do the ACN opportunity.

At this point, I had my reasons as to why I wanted to merge this opportunity along with what I had already created in 1997 and continue to run this day after 18 years of existence. It was the opportunity to stream additional revenue into my business with hopes of creating new jobs in the workforce for people in need of employment. In addition, developing a financial position to support my 17 year old son going off to college later this year and preparing myself for retirement sooner than later :). After my short time here in ACN, the reality for me is that this opportunity can and will do the things I have envisioned for me and my business, which ultimately supports my family today. But, looking out for others is what builds stability and I’ve harnessed that mindset from the day I walked away from Corporate America in 2003. They never did look out for “us”, they looked out for themselves.

I walked away from that house in 2003 because I could. LOL. I already paid my dues to that mad house for way too long and had my home-based business already in place working it part-time while I was remaining loyal to the company I worked for and then myself and my business. I’ve not looked back since then except missing some of the loyal and very fun co-workers that I used to get along with the most during my tenures as an “employee”. 🙂 I can no longer say “Overworked and underpaid”. I now say “Overjoyed and always paid”. It’s always nice to be paid on the terms you create for yourself. Yes, there are those slow periods or very tiresome moments I live through in a given week or even a month. But, there is also that theory that if I don’t feel like working on any given day, the work will be there the next day. Who is going to fire me? Hahaha. I still uphold a high standard of customer service to all of my clients and have done so over all of these years. But, sometimes you have to give your body a break. It’s just best to do so at the right times. You will figure that out when you become of that mindset.

When it came down to what I would have to do to get started in ACN, it was easy to make the decision to get involved in this opportunity. But, my startup funds were not in place to immediately sign up due to some other financial decisions that I made on an investment that delayed my ability to access my funds. However, as of December 6th, I was able to complete the registration for my IBO membership. I met with Felicia again on December 8th to get my business profile properly launched through the basic steps needed. Then, setup a Private Business Reception (PBR) to host a meeting with invited guests.

One of my other clients by the name of “J. Arthur Brown”, owner of J. Arthur Brown & Associates, also owns an office building in Temple Hills, MD where I ended up hosting my 1st and only PBR meeting to date. LOL. Trust me…There will be many more to come. 🙂 I invited Mr. Brown himself along with 5 other colleagues to attend. Only 3 of them showed up for the meeting. But, 2 of them signed up as an IBO within that week thereafter. One was “Reggie Hardy” who is an independent contractor in the telecom field that we team up with work opportunities in our respective fields. The other is Von Black who started out as a client of ours and became a technician as an independent contractor for the field services that we currently support. The other 2 invitees simply could not make it that evening due to circumstances beyond their control.

Felicia sent “Stephanie Henry”, an Executive Team Trainer (ETT), to meet me at the meeting location prior to her arrival to help me get setup. This was my first time meeting her and she was very helpful while I continued to try getting over the stress of “This is the first time I have done this” syndrome. 🙂 Among other guests that attended this meeting was “Annette Spriggs”, another long time client of mine who I found out later to be Deangela’s upline in the ACN business. However, Annette had just started the business as well in October 2014 and was at the Qualified Team Trainer (QTT) position when I joined.

After my shaky introduction to the attendees, Stephanie and Felicia took over the presentation, as all mentors do in ACN. It’s a great feeling to get that kind of support from the very beginning and beyond!!! After all was said and done with the PBR meeting, Reggie and Von both signed up as IBO’s and Mr. Brown was very interested but just wanted to learn more before making a decision. He eventually signed up in late January.

Moving along days thereafter, I next focused on doing the things needed to acquire my customers. From the start, my customer points was not a problem to get me qualified to earn money. But, my outside of the home customers was a problem because I later found out that when I signed up my father’s cell phone service at his address, they deemed it in home service to my address due to the billing information provided. So, I had to reach out to outside friends to get this done quickly. See, since I pay for my father’s cell phone, I always used my payment details for it. Technically, in ACN’s system, the term the billing address of the payment solution as the address of the service. I said WOW!!! But, I was able to still achieve my goal to reach QTT and ETT within 30 days and earned my $1000 worth of fast start bonuses.

Also, during the last 2 weeks of December, there were additional IBO’s that joined in my business network. Reggie acquired and IBO after his PBR that was held at his house. William Wagstaff, a long time customer of mine, was introduced to the business a few weeks prior and was able to join just at the end of the month of December.

The total amount of extra time in my schedule to do those things mentioned was about 6 hours of my time over the course of 2 weeks to make a few phone calls, visit some people in person to share the opportunity and then go shopping to pickup the items needed for the PBR. However, that was not including the few hours of training I had gone to as well and attending the PBR that Reggie had at his house the following week. This was all while still running my day to day operations where I spend at least 10-12 hours per day to keep things on point.

But, what one must realize in starting a new business is that you will spend some unrecognized hours of personal development or promotions of your business that is called “Sweat Equity”. You will hear that term used by many entrepreneurs in many statements that they make. I am very accustomed to that from my days of “building Brite Technologies”. So, for me the time put in during my normal course of a daily routine was somewhat effortless at this point in my development as a veteran entrepreneur. But…I don’t have to answer to anybody about how long it takes me to complete a task..Haha 🙂

Another special moment along the way for me was to see that I was able to get my son Anthony Dixon involved in this business. The reason why it is extra special is because of his current working situation. He has been searching for opportunity to earn more income to further develop his life’s expectations and responsibilities aside from Corporate America and now he has the opportunity that I speak of here. To see him go up in front of the attendees at a Saturday BOM training and receive his promotion as a QTT on the same day that I received my promotion as ETT was a great experience.

The way that ACN allows you to place family members in the business as their own individual status is powerful so that the family can take advantage of double income opportunities within the same structure.

My attention to attending the training sessions provided by ACN became more involved than I originally thought I would. Anthony and I attended the basic boot camp event in late January and then the international conference held on Valentines Day weekend in Charlotte, NC where we had a rare experience to watch a live interview with Donald Trump by publisher of Success Magazine, Darren Hardy. I have never attended an event such as this in my entire life. The entire event was very informative, motivating and fun. To be in an sports arena “Time Warner Cable Arena” and have over 20,000 people in a single building to learn about business success and skill building is special.

The one thing I can say about this entire business opportunity, nobody is left out of the opportunity to learn and earn like this. It is essential that you follow the leads that are given by the company to take advantage of taking money that they constantly leave on the table for us go grab. The mentors are always taking time to ensure they keep you up to date with everything to make you successful. Lean on them at all times when you have questions. Also, IBO support numbers are great to have as well when you are faced with a question that your mentor may not have the immediate answer to.

Of course without the faith in God, none of this would even be possible!!! But, I owe a large thank you to Deangela for introducing this opportunity to me; Mr. Brown for the use of his office; and Felicia, Stephanie and Annette for all of their valued support to keeping my efforts much more seamless than if I tried to figure things out on my own. 🙂

One other mention. After my visit to Charlotte last month for the international convention, I have come to realize that even I must thank some people that I have not yet had the opportunity to meet in person and thank them personally, but they have everything else to do with the success that I have and can achieve in this new business. Those people are the co-founders of ACN, thank you for what you have created to help us all achieve a higher level of success and comfort in life.

If you have not had an opportunity to become of something special that can change your life, this business will build your personal development in coordinating efforts of financial stability as well as maintaining a certain level of focus throughout your entire time working with the process. In the end, you will achieve success working with this great group of people that are all affiliated in the same way with a company that cares about the people, “ACN”.

My next goals are as follows: Reach a minimum of 60 customer points and become Executive Team Leader (ETL) by March 31, 2015. What are yours? 🙂 Stay tuned for my next update around my next 90 days. Take care and God Bless you!!!

Thank you for reading. Please use a link below to continue. Have a great day. See you at the top… 🙂

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